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Doppstadt SM617/SM720 Brush Spacers

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7-1/8" inside diameter spacers Brush Spacers for all model Doppstadts with a 7" brush shaft (inlcuding round rod welded on outside of shaft - prevents brush rotation)

Minimum order quantity: 50 Brushes sold separately here: Doppstadt SM617/SM720 Trommel Brushes (earthsaverparts.com)

Approximate required order amount per model if arrangement is 2 spacers per wafer brush.

Doppstadt SM617 Trommel Screen - Approx. 80

Doppstadt SM720 Trommel Screen - Approx. 115

Doppstadt SM720 Plus Trommel Screen - Approx. 140

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Width: 36.00
Height: 36.00
Depth: 36.00
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